New Exuberance: Contemporary Australian Textile Design

Saturday, 25 May 2024,  107 Brown Street,  Hamilton

5573 0460

New Exuberance celebrates the work of more than 30 textile creatives and includes 10 commissioned works produced by designers associated with the JamFactory. This exhibition acknowledges the rich diversity of textile-based practices in contemporary art, design and fashion in Australia right now. Textile design today is a vibrant boundary-blurring creative field. Moving through disciplines – graphic, furniture and product design, fashion and the visual arts – it manifests as surface patterning, material experimentation and transfiguration, storytelling and conceptual ideas. Collaborations in the fashion industry are on the increase, forged by creatives such as Romance Was Born, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, Grace Lillian Lee and initiatives such as First Nations Fashion and Design. The skyrocketing visibility within First Nations practices is partly due to the passionate vision of new enterprises and reinforced by the meaningful and covetable textile designs being produced by artists in the Top End and remote art centres and collectives.