Three Solo Exhibitions - Liz Priestley, Sian Watson and Sarah Waghorn

Friday, 17 November 2023,  1 Dairy Road,  Fyshwick

0404 769 843

Grainger Gallery are pleased to present three remarkable solo exhibtions. Liz Priestley - Time and Place Liz Priestley is a regional artist living and working in the small village of Manilla, in northern NSW. Priestley’s work is known for its romantic rendering of landscapes, imagined or otherwise. Her work is best described as a combined interpretation of both the immediate physical landscape, and that of the internal landscape. It is an exploration of the subject, viewed via a nostalgic lens. Encaustic is her chosen medium. Sian Watson - Opposing Gaze Opposing Gaze is a collection of figurative sculptures that explore the relationship humans have with the natural landscape. Artist Sian Watson prompts contemplation on how we perceive people’s place in the ecological landscape – whether we are integrated or a separate entity. She invites the observer to contemplate the figurative sculptures, their gazes directed towards the surrounding environment, wherein one not only observes the art but also the act of looking itself. Sarah Waghorn - Take me to a place I cannot go Sarah Waghorn wants to take you on a journey away from the life you know to a place that maybe you dream of. This visual travel essay was just a small seed, nurtured over the duration of lockdown when she was painting in her studio and craving other worlds and spaces.