Paul Yore's BECOME WHAT YOU ARE - MELT Festival 2023

Thursday, 16 November 2023,  119 Lamington Street, 

3358 8622

Drawing on an array of recycled materials, forms, texts and images, Yore’s work deploys laborious and time-honoured craft methodologies. These experimental works engage in a kind of queer and linguistically deconstructive free association within which a plurality of meanings is made available. The exhibition also features selected garments drawn from the collaboration Yore made with celebrated fashion house Romance Was Born for their 2023 winter collection entitled Stronger Together. These one-off couture pieces combine Yore’s bold vernacular with signature Romance Was Born techniques such as hand beading and sequin work, appliqué, and upcycled vintage fabrics including crochet blankets, military uniforms, and floral silk quilts.