Black Range State Park (Burrunj)

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The Black Range State Park (Burrunj) is a 40 minute drive North of Balmoral and is a relatively quiet and remote State Park joining up with Rocklands Reservoir at its south-east side. Discover the sandstone cliffs and indulge in a range of recreational activities that the area has to offer. A variety of experiences can be had within the Black Range State Park (Burrunj) – there is something for everyone. For the experienced walker, the park offers many walking trails and tracks up the mountain peaks offering birds eye views of the entire region. Access to the park is off the Henty Highway, heading along the Rocklands-Cherry Pool Road before turning north onto the Black Range Road. The Mudadgadjin carpark at the end of this road is the main picnic ground with fire areas, seating, parking, toilets and the beginning of some walks located there.

The Mudadgadjin Walk –an easy trail within the Black Range State Park beginning at the Mudadgadjin picnic area. This 200m well-defined trail will lead you to the base of Mudadgadjin Shelter – a significant Aboriginal rock art site of the Jardwadjali people which is thousands of years old.

Rock Escarpment Discovery Trail – For those looking for an adventurous walk, begin at the Mudadgadjin picnic area and follow the track to Mudadgadjin shelter. Continue past the shelter to trek the 5km return trail past wind swept caverns and climb to the top of the rocky escarpment for excellent views of the Park.

Mt Byron Walk – From the Rocklands Cherry Pool road, enter the Muirfoot 4WD track and drive 4.5km. Follow a steep walking track up the range to arrive at the summit of Mt Byron. Return via the same route. This walk is 3km return

While the Mudadgadjin picnic area is mostly accessible by 2WD, it is advisable to check on seasonal weather conditions, there are tracks within the park which are only 4WD accessible. Whilst the park is open to day visitors only, those seeking accommodation nearby will be delighted with the variety of accommodation available at Balmoral or nearby campgrounds.


For detailed maps, visitor information and local recommendations, contact our friendly tourism team at the Visitor Information Centre on 1800 807 056.


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