The Greater Hamilton region is an ideal place to base yourself for birdwatching. Finding birds here is easy; you can hear them wherever you are and see them everywhere.

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Australia is home to more than 800 different stunning bird species, with many of them calling our region home. Find them not only in the waterways and woodlands but also in farmlands, parks, roadsides, and towns. Catch a glimpse of brolgas and spoonbills, kookaburras, falcons and galahs, cockatoos and sparrows, and even an emu or two amongst the vast range of bird species that live here. Surrounded by nature wherever you go, you will never be far from our feathered friends.

With so many fascinating aspects, features and personalities, ensure you are prepared for your next outing and check out our local and regional birdwatching guides;

Whatever your interest in birds may be, we can all appreciate their beauty and freedom. Bird watching in the Greater Hamilton area is free and can be done anywhere, anytime. Visit one of our nature reserves or turn your eyes to the sky wherever you are.