As you cruise along the Henty Highway, perhaps when travelling to the Great Ocean Road or driving to Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, you will pass through the charming historical town of Branxholme.  The European settlement of Branxholme dates back to the 1850s and as such this quaint village is strewn with significant markings, buildings, commemorations and curiosities. Visitors will be well rewarded by a stopover at Branxholme, so next time you are driving through, pull up, get out, stretch your legs and take in these three sights.

The Junction Hotel

The Junction Hotel was constructed in the 1870s to accommodate railway passengers coming through the town of Branxholme.  Originally named The Banxholme Hotel, the building itself still bears the distinct characteristics of a great country pub.  As you cross the threshold of the hotel, you will be further delighted by the definitively Aussie interior design; a plethora of shearing memorabilia regales the walls of the pub.  Dartboards and pool table deck out the space, providing perfect entertainment while you sip on your frothy.  The hotel does have limited opening hours so if you find it closed, just keep working your way through the list below.

Branxholme Cemetery

To wander the Branxholme Cemetery will afford you insight into the pioneering days of the town.  Thoughtfully laid to rest at the cemetery are the early settlers of this township, with graves dating back to the 1870s.  Grave inscriptions provide further understanding of this bygone era.  One such headstone situated in the cemetery is that of Private C. McKinnon; a gallant soldier who fought in the Boer War with the 4th Imperial Contingent.  Located on Branxholme Cemetery Road, these memorials are remarkable to view, meaningful in story and significant in history.  

Branxholme Railway Water Tower

Whilst in Branxholme, look to the skies to spot the rustically red Railway Water Tower; a soaring structure that is representative of a former bustling Branxholme era.  This historical tower is one of the only few remaining remnants of the booming railway system that once serviced this town; the Hamilton-Portland and Portland-Branxholme-Merino-Casterton lines which met at Branxholme.  This water tower was once used to service the hard-working steam trains of these lines.  Now set amongst the grassland on Railway Parade, this tower makes for a magnificent centrepiece in landscape photography.

To learn more about Branxholme and the surrounding Greater Hamilton region, speak to a local on 1800 807 056.