As you travel along the Great Southern Touring Route, be sure to park yourself in Penshurst, stretch your legs and discover these three local delights.

Yatmerone Reserve

With over 30 species of birds living at the wetlands, Yatmerone is a popular bird watching area providing a place where visitors can appreciate the local flora and fauna as well as catch a glimpse of native wildlife.

The Reserve is fed by a spring being one of few deep Fresh Water Marsh Wetlands in the area, and so provides a habitat and summer refuge for plants and animals A trail along the edge of the reserve takes walkers through a small native parkland, providing plenty of opportunities to photograph the local flora and fauna.

The Volcanoes Discovery Centre & Rock Garden

Situated in the heart of volcanic country at the third largest volcanic plain on earth is The Volcanoes Discovery Centre & Rock Garden.  Cross the threshold of the historic bluestone building at no. 23 Martin Street and enter into the fascinating and explosive world of volcanoes.  The Volcanoes Discovery Centre will transport you to an era of volcanic eruptions, when lava flowed across the Western District, creating and shaping it into the landscape it is today.  Uncover the geology behind the volcanic formation, learn about the cultural interactions of the indigenious people with volcanoes, witness a volcanic eruption, cradle a magmatic rock and face many more volcanic phenomenon at the Volcanoes Discovery Centre.

Collorrer (Mount Rouse) 

Fittingly follow up your mind-blowing volcanic education by climbing the once active volcano, Collorrer (Mount Rouse).  This now extinct volcano lends itself to exploration with a path winding its way to the summit, leading you to spectacular views of a dry crater lake and the Western District Plains.  Take a closer look at the dry crater lake by meandering down a grassy trail that will guide you to the archaic basin rimmed with blotchy spattered basalt.  Alternatively, drive to the top of Collorrer (Mount Rouse) and take the steps to the summit.  Either way, Collorrer (Mount Rouse) is an awe-inspiring experience – standing in this great expanse and thinking about how it all came to be.

Botanic Gardens

Stretch your legs around a water wonderland at the Penshurst Botanic Gardens; a never-failing spring, a resplendent lake and a series of narrow waterways. This natural wetland is surrounded by 13 acres of land flourishing with plant life. The Swamp Cypress is a particular sight to behold as it provides a magnificent canopy over the footbridge and lights up in orange hues during Autumn. Take a seat in the garden’s gazebo and soak up the breathtaking views of the Grampians (Gariwerd) and beyond.

Penshurst Wetland Gardens Botanic Gardens Rotunda

To learn more about Penshurst and the surrounding Greater Hamilton region, speak to a local on 1800 807 056.