Step into the enchanting world of Gariwerd / Grampians, where art, science, and the breathtaking landscape meet. Following a vision from publisher Cathy Oliver of Streamline Publishing, renowned Hamilton artists Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan invite you to embark on an adventure through their new coffee table book, “Gariwerd Grampians: From The Mountains To The Plains.” This visually stunning book serves as an open invitation to explore the wonders of the Grampians region, accompanied by insightful information by experts in geology and flora.

About the Book:

“Gariwerd / Grampians: From The Mountains To The Plains” is a mesmerising collaboration between internationally acclaimed artists Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan, Grampian-loving geologists Roland Maas and Andrew Prior, and flora experts from Hamilton Field Naturalists Club, Rod Bird and Diane Luhrs.   Within its captivating pages, you will encounter a wealth of breathtaking images and engaging supporting text that beautifully encapsulate the essence of Gariwerd/The Grampians. The book not only showcases the artists’ talents but also provides a deeper understanding of the region’s unique geology and diverse flora

Petschel House

About the Artists:

Jenni Mitchell, a world-renowned artist, has dedicated her life to the pursuit of painting. With a Fine Arts degree from RMIT and a Master of Visual Art from Monash University, Jenni’s passion for art was nurtured from an early age in the artistic community of Monsalvat, Eltham, Victoria. Currently residing in the historic 1856 Petschel’s House in Hamilton alongside her artist husband, Mervyn Hannan, Jenni’s artwork effortlessly merges her love of nature’s untamed beauty with her desire to share it through her oil and watercolour paintings.

Mervyn Hannan, an internationally recognised artist and musician, draws inspiration from his extensive travels and experiences abroad. Growing up in the artistic community of Monsalvat, Eltham, Victoria, Mervyn’s multidisciplinary artistic approach incorporates traditional painting techniques, drawing, pastel painting, carving construction, and clay modelling.

Book Launch

Easter Saturday, 30th March 2024 saw the launch “Gariwerd / Grampians: From The Mountains To The Plains” book officially launched by Allan Myers KC AC.

“Gariwerd / Grampians: A Journey of Art, Nature, and Inspiration” is not merely a book—it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Gariwerd/ Grampians. Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan’s artistic prowess, complemented by expert insights, will transport you to a realm where artistry and the natural world intertwine. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the book launch celebration and witness the magic firsthand. Let the beauty of Gariwerd ignite your imagination and leave you inspired to embark on your own artistic explorations.

Gariwerd Grampians

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