Through an extraordinary collaboration of aspiring and renowned artists, Hamilton brings you McGuigan Lane.  Positioned in the heart of Hamilton, the pavement of McGuigan Lane has been vibrantly transformed to create a wonderful walkway of magnificent murals.  Colourful creatives (local and otherwise) have taken brush to path to brilliantly capture everything from flowering fauna, abstract expressionism, native wildlife and many more forms of muse.

This CBD revitalisation project engaged children, students and recognised artists to paint the town (well, laneway) rainbow.  Such featured artists include…

 Creative virtuosa and proud local, Grotti Lotti (aka Casey Manson), who has created an incredible name for herself and her art pieces.  Her extraordinarily successful online store sells not only her original masterpieces but also print forms, making her art accessible for the entire world to enjoy, which it does!  Shipping nationally and internationally, Grotti Lotti’s signature strokes of vibrant, contemporary and nature-inspired art are seen (and enjoyed) in many a homes (and laneway). See Casey’s kookaburra sitting loud and proud in McGuigan Lane!

Warrnambool professional artist, Jimmi Buscombe has painted his 3D signature animals on sides of water towers, buildings, bridges and of course, laneways!  Specialising in highly detailed portraiture, Jimmi has become renowned for his extremely lifelike pencil, paints and pastels. Gracing the pavement of McGuigan Lane, can you spot Jimmi’s very cute and local legendary marsupial?

 A self-confessed compulsive creative, Jasmine Mansbridge is Hamilton’s very own internationally acclaimed artist, whose work not only lines the streets and laneways of Greater Hamilton but is also staged across the globe; New York, Hong Kong, and China!  Characterised by amazing architectural forms, geometric shapes, structured patterns and vivacious colours, Jasmine’s works is clearly identifiable and inspiring. See if you can spot more of Jasmine’s style around Hamilton!

Studio Marlo - Alyshia McInnes

 Illustrator and designer, Alyshia McInnes of Studio Marlo is inspired by the natural world, particularly this great region.  Not only did she have the pleasure of growing up here but eagerly returned to pursue her creative career.  The colours, shapes and patterns of Western Victoria engages and influences Alyshia’s work on a daily basis.  From the dancing gums to the bursting banksias to the sweeping plains, Alyshia knows how to capture the essence of her home in her colourful, whimsical illustrations and artworks, including the laneway’s pretty pink panel.

Skepia - Jesse Shannahan - Painting McGuigan Lane

Jesse Shannahan, AKA Skepia, brings a touch of his comic-book inspired monochromatic work to his mural down McGuigan Lane, with a scene that could be straight out of a graphic novel. The curious will also find Skepia’s work in a large mural down another Hamilton laneway, if you follow the path down McGuigan Lane out onto the street by the Hamilton Gallery. 

The laneway also boasts Kristie Stockton’s symbolic Aboriginal paintings and hand silhouettes, that are enriched with personal meaning and cultural significance, Madi Whyte’s delicate illustrative line drawings, plus the handiwork of many local schoolchildren and students of all ages.

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*Laneway images courtesy of local photographer, Emma Gillespie.

Mcguigan Lane Collage Hamilton Victoria