Mount Napier is the youngest volcano in the state of Victoria and last erupted around 30,000 years ago creating what is now a magnificent State Park around it. 

Mount Napier is a part of the Newer Volcanic Province and alongside Collorrer (Mount Rouse) and Budj Bim is a part of the Kanawinka Region, the most extensive volcanic province in Australia.

Located just 20km south of Hamilton towards Byaduk, the State Park has plenty to offer. A walking track leading to the summit of Mt Napier is just under 4km return and leads through volcanic features, manna gum trees and the Blackwood forest. This track is reasonably well defined. From the summit take in 360-degree views of the surrounding farmland right across to Grampians (Gariwerd), Collorrer (Mount Rouse), Budj Bim and even the ocean on a clear day.

While the main parts of the State Park are accessible by 2WD, the roads are unsealed and are often best accessed with a 4WD. There are additional tracks which are only 4WD accessible for those looking for a 4WD adventure within the park.

The Byaduk Caves are located within Mount Napier State Park and are a very extensive and accessible set of lava caves. Being so young they are largely unweathered and still maintain their natural state. Read more about the Byaduk Caves here.