Mount Zero Salts

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Plain  Hand harvested each summer from a lake fed by natural salt aquifers which dries out during the dryer days, the pink salt is naturally dried by the sun creating a beautiful flavour and colour. The salt is a concentrated store of natural minerals with this complexity of minerals providing a well-rounded flavour. 

Glenelg River Herbs – Teaming up with local herb growers Glenelg River Herbs this salt mix combines Pink Lake salt and a carefully balanced combination of Glenelg River rosemary, thyme and oregano. The mix is ideal for seasoning roast vegetables, soups, pasta and meats. 

Chilli – A mix of three varieties of Australian chillies and natural salt crystals from the Pink Lake – the fresh chillies and salt are blended to create a vibrant orange/red salt. Designed to add flavour not scorch, the salt is delicious on prawns, pizza, chips, meats and more. Add to lime juice to make a great dipping sauce or marinade. 

Pepper Berries – Rare Pepper Berries are hand harvested from Tasmanian rainforests and add an herbaceous flavour when mixed with the Pink Lake salt crystals. The Australian Native Pepper Berries are packed with amazing spice and zing, and are a great source of antioxidants. 

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