Established as a memorial to honour the Soldier Settlers of the mid-20th century, the Settlers Walk tells the tales of the pioneers from the mid-50s on plaques that are affixed to volcanic rocks along the river. Bring the past back to life as you stroll along the gentle 2km walking track that takes approximately 45 minutes, the track doubles as a cycling trail and is located in the scenic township of Cavendish, 27kms north of Hamilton.

Along the walk, take a quick break and spend some time admiring the Settlers Cottage and the antiques, it gives a real glimpse at what life was like when the settlers first came to the Grampians region.
The Settlers Walk provides 8 picnic table areas, several board walks and 2 footbridges, a peaceful and picturesque landscape with birdlife and beautiful ancient red gums that greet you as you walk along the trail. Meander along the river’s edge and find yourself star struck as you look on to a view of the Grampians National Park (Gariwerd).


phone. 1800 807 056
Access via Scott Street, Cavendish