In February 2013, artists Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich were commissioned by the Chameleon Arts Collective of Balmoral to transform a bare and drab wall located in Glendinning Street, Balmoral into an artistic representation and celebration of the town.

What ensued was nothing short of spectacular.  For two weeks Rowena and Geoffrey artfully changed the scape of the wall. 

Do you love it’s bold, abstract background, with it’s layered colours and myriad of drips and splashes, or the detailed larger-than-life flora and fauna, inspired by species endemic to the Balmoral region?

We spoke to Rowena about the project, and she glowed remembering the experience:

“Working on the Balmoral mural we instantly felt part of the community. We arrived at a house that the arts collective had arranged for us with a beautiful hamper on the kitchen table full of local produce. Our time in Balmoral was graced with daily visits to the mural site from enthusiastic community members, and towards the end of our stay, a community concert in our honour. We were taken to amazing secret spots along the river, and dinners at the homes of welcoming individuals. It was truly a very memorable time in the beginning of the @martinichandcarran collaborative journey.”

Watch below as the transformation takes place and listen as locals and the artists themselves share the stories and inspiration behind the mural.  A mural which was and still is wholeheartedly cherished by the town and revered by the region.


 Cover photo: the Balmoral Mural, by Rowena Martinich & Geoffrey Carran. See @martinichandcarran on Instagram for more collaborative goodness!