Located between Hamilton and Ballarat, at the foothills of the Grampians (Gariwerd) Ranges, is the scenic town of Glenthompson.  And although the town is comprised of just a couple of hundred residents, the community spirit is as strong as a force of thousands.  So, who better to highlight the loves of Glenthompson than the locals.  Here are the three local loves of the residents of Glenthompson.


The People

The township of Glenthompson is unquestionably filled with many exceptional people but there is one particular individual who truly epitomises not only the spirit of the community but also the essence of being an Australian.  This legendary retiree, for years and years, has raised and put down the Australian flag, daily.  Rain, hail or shine, he can be seen at the Glenthompson Lions Park, hoisting the flag into position.  The locals of the town appreciate and adore the unconditional love that this Glenthompson resident shows his town.

The View

Glenthompson locals arguably lay claim to the best view of the entire southern range of The Grampians (Gariwerd).  From the vantage point of Robson’s Hill Lookout, not only can you take in far-reaching panoramic views of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park but also the Oaklands Hill Wind Farm; a renewable wind energy farm that has 32 wind turbines dotted across the landscape.  And apparently locals really do love this spot, having nicknamed it ‘Lovers Lane’, with a supposed share of Glenthompson’s population conceived along this stretch of road!

Robsons Lookout Glenthompson

The Talent

The mural found within the Anglican Church of Glenthompson artfully depicts the relaxed sense of community in the town and takes pride of place in the hearts and minds of locals.  Talented visual artist and curator, Gareth Colliton, magnificently designed and produced the mural’s scene in which the familiar faces of Glenthompson’s residents can be spotted donning their denim jeans, flannie shirts and Akubra hats.  The mural colourfully spreads itself across the internal brickwork of the church and is open to be admired by the public on a daily basis.

Glenthompson Anglican Church Mural

Three local loves of Glenthompson be sure to seek them out and take them in when you visit the town.  The strong sense of community that they all conjure up is a remarkable and lasting experience.