Yatmerone Wildlife Reserve

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With over 30 species of birds living at the wetlands, Yatmerone is a popular bird watching area providing a place where visitors can appreciate the local flora and fauna as well as catch a glimpse of native wildlife.

The Reserve is fed by a spring being one of few deep Fresh Water Marsh Wetlands in the area, and so provides a habitat and summer refuge for plants and animals A trail along the edge of the reserve takes walkers through a small native parkland, providing plenty of opportunities to photograph the local flora and fauna.

A bird hide can be found only a few hundred metres down the trail and provides a place for bird watchers to observe the bird species as they go about their business. Completely hidden from their view, the bird hide provides a perfect place for photographers to capture the bird and wild life as well.

The 13 hectares is designated for Nature Conservation and managed by Parks Victoria for the purpose of wildlife management.

For those looking to explore Yatmerone further, the nature trail continues on around the reserve for a few hundred more metres. Located less than a five-minute drive from the centre of Penshurst, the Reserve is accessible by a good dirt road (that is 2WD accessible even after rain) and has parking on site.



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