A creative virtuoso and proud local of the Greater Hamilton region, Grotti Lotti (aka Casey Manson).

Making an impact on the art world, Grotti Lotti paints vibrant and contemporary nature-inspired art, stocks shops and markets nationwide, runs a successful online store, ships her pieces worldwide and all while being a spirited mum to three lively children.

Somewhere, in between all this, kind-hearted and local-loving Grotti Lotti took some time out to talk Greater Hamilton, her art and how the two blends together to create something very special.


Grotti Lotti


How long have you lived in Greater Hamilton?  

On and off since I was 2 years old.  I have gypsied about a bit but it always brings me back.


What brought you to Greater Hamilton?  



What do you love most about Greater Hamilton?  

The community, the mountains, the kid’s schools and the affordability.


What is your favourite memory or experience of Greater Hamilton?  

Oh, I have them weekly.  We’re only a short drive from the most amazing mountain ranges and the beach.  Our family spend quite a bit of time exploring, hiking, camping and hunting out new cafes and experiences within the region.


Grotti Lotti


When creating, where is your favourite place to work from?

Oh, that’s a hard one.  We have recently renovated and I have my very own studio at home.  It’s a pretty lovely space to be, especially in the colder months.  I also LOVE to paint outside and when the weather turns it on, I can often be found at my mum’s bush block under the gums with a large canvas on the go.


What inspires your art?

Nature, colour, humour.  I’ve got a busy head and its often a combination of these things that comes out.  I’m constantly inspired and have a head full of ideas and imagery.


How do you get your creativity flowing?

A weekly Grampians walk is a must, time in nature, a good podcast or some music.


We understand that not only are you featured in The Block Shop but also Constance Hall is a fan of your artistry.  How did that come about?

Social media is an amazing tool.  Grotti Lotti has been featured on The Block, and both Constance Hall and Mia Freedman have acquired artworks.  For me, it’s a matter of being fearless, remaining genuine, reaching out and working hard.  You’ve got to do the work.  It’s pretty exciting when things like that happen but I get excited every time someone buys my work regardless of their status.


To view and purchase Grotti Lotti’s captivating artwork and prints, visit:


F: Grotti Lotti

I: @grottilotti


You can also see Grotti Lotti’s work in real life by checking out McGuigans Lane, Hamilton.  A Grotti Lotti original laneway piece is on display, along with art by other local legends.