Well, it’s oh-fish-al, Greater Hamilton is an angler’s haven.  With an overwhelming pool of inland creeks, lakes and reservoirs, you’ll be hooked (line and sinker) on Greater Hamilton’s freshwater fishing experiences.  Enlisting the expert advice of local angler, Ray White from the Hamilton Anglers Club, come with us as we share with you the best fishing spots and insider tips of our great region. 


Rocklands Fishing

Rocklands Reservoir  

Victoria’s second largest reservoir, Rocklands Reservoir is the go-to fishing spot. With one-of-a-kind views of Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, Rocklands sets the perfect scene for a fabulous fish. Launch your boat from one of the three boat ramps or simply pull up a chair on the banks and wait for those finned fellows to bite.  

Type of fishing: Bank or Vessel
Expect to find: Redfin, Brown Trout, Murray Cod, Golden Perch

Ray Recommends: Fish from Glendinning or the Wall. “Once you’ve found redfin schools with deep diving lures, drop your plastics over to get a feed, I caught a 410ml beauty just last week” – Ray. 


Lake Hamilton 

Try your hand at catching a fish (or ten) at Lake Hamilton.  Offering a central and accessible location for anyone looking to spend some time by the water, cast from the shores or nearby piers.  Be sure to check permitted usage time for both powered and non-powered vessels.  You can find that information here. 

Type of fishing: Bank or Vessel 
Expect to find: Redfin, Trout, Estuary Perch 

Ray Recommends: Fishing in the shallows with minnow-type lures– shallow-divers around the edges of the lake in the morning or evening should catch you some trout, redfin or estuary perch. To catch an eel, use worms of an evening, especially around dusk as it starts to get dark. 


Grampians Scenery - Arboretum

Dunkeld Arboretum  

Surrounded by soaring mountains and the occasional curious kangaroo, the Dunkeld Arboretum is a positively picturesque location for a day full of fishing fun. Close to the town centre, the arboretum spans across 18 hectares with the lake forming a reel-y impressive centrepiece.   

Type of fishing: Bank or Pier 
Expect to find: Rainbow Trout 

Ray Recommends: Using just bait and lures as anything will work! 


Konongwootong Reservoir  

Just north of Coleraine, discover (and fish course) the one and only Konongwootong Reservoir.  Anglers will find a boat ramp, parking, picnic areas and a flux of fishing access, it’s no wonder this reservoir is so renowned in the region!

Type of fishing: Bank or Vessel (un-powered only)
Expect to find: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout 

Ray Recommends: Using a mud-eye suspended under a float to catch yourself a great trout.