Catching your eye as you drive along the Main Street of Tarrington is a gorgeously upcycled flower stand.  Cleverly crafted from two reconditioned apple boxes (sourced from a nearby organic apple farm) and roofed with an old, recycled copper range hood, the ‘Willow, Violet & Flora’ roadside shop is picturesquely placed at the gates of a weatherboard homestead and sprawling farm.

As you pull your car up, you will most likely be greeted by Jess, a beautiful blue Whippet and much-loved pet to roadside stand owner and creator, Lisa.  Keep your eyes peeled for Lisa too.  She is often spotted replenishing the Willow, Violet & Flora stand with her superb bouquets of perennials, annuals, woodies and natives, dried arrangements and seasonal organic fruit and vegetables.

Working off the traditional ‘honesty box’ system, Lisa’s roadside stand embraces and epitomises her passion for gardening and penchant for sustainability.  From the recycled glass vessels she uses to display her stunning arrangements to the reused egg cartons generously donated by the local community to the organically approved products she utilises in her farming practices, Lisa wholeheartedly embraces sustainable systems to nurture, grow and create her blooming beautiful flowers and organic offerings.

With the stand operating 24/7, Lisa also somehow manages to guide clients in artistic workshops, create beautiful bouquets for brides, and talk to us!  We counted ourselves very lucky to speak to Lisa about her blossoming business, Willow, Violet & Flora.  Enjoy!

Enchanted Forest

What or who inspired you to start Willow, Violet & Flora? 

Gardening has always been a lifelong passion for me, heavily influenced by my Mum, who always tended to acres of gardens and opened them yearly in the Victorian Open Garden Scheme.

I’ve also been captivated by the concept of roadside stands and buying directly from farmers. I was introduced to this during a road trip around the UK years ago. The farm shops I encountered there were on another level. I secretly dreamed of having a farm shop of my own someday.

As my children started having kids, I wanted to spend as much time with my grandchildren as possible and help wherever I could. However, I still needed income, so I brainstormed ways to manage this. A 9-5 job wouldn’t fit. So, I considered what I loved doing and where my skills lay. The idea of a farm shop seemed to align well.

A few years ago, I took a trip to the Daylesford area with a friend to explore flower farms I had found on Instagram. The variety of roadside stands and flowers I saw there inspired me. That trip led me to start planning my own flower farm and roadside stand.

Where does the name Willow, Violet & Flora come from?

​The name Willow, Violet, and Flora comes from the middle names of 3 of my grandchildren. More children have come along since then, but adding more names would make the farm name too long. Lol!
Enchanted Forest

Your business is based in the beautiful town of Tarrington.  What is your connection with Tarrington and the Greater Hamilton region?

I’ve lived and grown up in this area my whole life. I absolutely adore Tarrington; it’s the most beautiful village. The local community is incredibly supportive of my ethos. They’ve embraced my recycling program and continue to drop off items for me to recycle on the flower farm—egg cartons, flowerpots, Mason jars, seeds, ribbons, and more. A generous gardening benefactor gifts me an incredible selection of plants, which has greatly aided my business. A local stable provides horse manure and sawdust, and I get straw from a nearby farmer. This showcases the power of local support and demonstrates staying local is feasible.

What is your favourite flower?

Now you’re asking me to pick a favourite child! Lol. When Lilies bloom, I’m enchanted by them. Then come the roses, dahlias, and chrysanthemums… However, I’d say roses are my favourites. Their scent is an added bonus.

You do a spectacular job of creating beautiful bouquets.   How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my style as wild, free, full, and luxurious. I particularly enjoy working with colours when designing with flowers. Being an artist and teaching from my art studio on the flower farm likely influences this approach.

You also create gorgeous bridal bouquets… Is there a memorable bridal bouquet or bride that you have created for?

I’m grateful for the brides who trust me to create their dream flowers for their special day. I’m excited by their varied ideas, styles, and evolving colour trends. But when I pause to consider that every bridal bouquet begins as a seed in my germination room, it makes each one exceptionally meaningful.

Enchanted Forest

What are the future plans for Willow, Violet & Flora? 

The flower farm remains an evolving project. I’d love to conduct more workshops, particularly focused on flower farming. I’m also developing a flower farm residency program to give aspiring flower farmers a chance to learn skills and get involved.

Weddings and events hold a special place in my heart, and I’d like to focus more in that direction. My family’s unwavering support has been crucial; they’ve spent countless hours helping me on the flower farm, for which I’m deeply grateful.

Brighten your day with some striking stems from Willow, Violet & Flora.  Lisa’s roadside stand is located at 7896 Hamilton Highway, Tarrington.

You can also follow Willow, Violet & Flora’s blooming beautiful journey on socials – Facebook and Instagram

And to view more of Lisa’s incredible art and to learn about her amazing workshops, visit – Lisa Addinsall Artist

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