Step between, on and into the Hamilton Art Trail; an immersive journey through the Hamilton CBD’s spectacular public art spaces and a sure-fire way to add a pop of colour into your day (and Instagram feed)!    


Step One

Start your walk from Brown Street, out the front of the Hamilton Library, Art Gallery and Cinema complex.  Standing outside of the complex you will find a sculpture of the God of Greek Mythology, Prometheus, commissioned for the art gallery in 1961. Created by sculptor Hermann Hohaus, Prometheus is said to have created humanity from clay and defied the Gods by stealing fire and giving it to mankind, making him a cultural hero.

Prometheus Statue


Step Two

A little further along the footpath you will find Hamilton’s newest art mural by Gene Stewart.  Commissioned by the Hamilton Gallery, this piece depicts the greatness of the Grampians (Gariwerd) by utilising powerful silhouettes contrasted by vibrant shapes.

Step Three

Next stop, only a few metres away on the other side of the wall in the laneway between the Hamilton Library and Mint Ink, you will find an urban mural created by local artist Jesse Shannahan called ‘The Battle Against Mental Illness’.  Funded through the Council’s Greater Grants program, this mural aims to shed light on the importance of mental health through the relatable form of comic style art.

Step Four

Head across the road to ‘Cheap As Chips’ and follow Gray Street down to discover one of Hamilton’s largest murals.  Giant geometric shapes splay the wall of a once plain brick wall, adding bright fun pops of blue, yellow and orange.

Step Five 

The famed and fabulous Hamilton Nucleus is up next.  A gift from local philanthropist, the late Geoff Handbury, the futuristic piece was created by Phil Price.  Constantly moving and changing shape, the best views of the sculpture can be taken in from the four corners of the road surrounding it.


Step Six

Head across the road to the Commonwealth Bank where you will find a woolly wonder.  The piece ‘Wool Capital of the World’ pays homage to Hamilton’s farming industry and the vast amount of wool produced in the region.  Ewe will know the sculptures when you see them.

Step Seven

Next stop is a wander west along Gray Street until you reach McGuigan Lane.  Completely transformed, the laneway features masterpieces from local talents Grotti Lotti, Jasmine Mansbridge, Studio Marlo, Jimmi Buscombe, Krid’s Art, Madi Whtye and Jesse Shannahan, plus some spectacular pieces by local school children.  Each section of pavement is designated and designed by the specific artist.

McGuigans Laneway Art

Step Eight 

Reaching the end of McGuigan Lane, look to your left and spy the NAB Community Pocket Garden.  An artistic collaboration between Jasmine Mansbridge and Roger Edwards sees the garden’s back wall adorned with a magnificent mural, while the courtyard itself is home to the ‘Hamilton Farmers, Fred and Louise’ sculpture by Dean Bowen and Teepee installation by Trevor Flynn.

Community Pocket Garden

Step Nine

Step on down Thompson Street until your reach the lane down the side of ‘Flooring Xtra Mural’.  By now you may be beginning to recognise the masterful stylings of this locally loved artist, Jasmine Mansbridge.  Her vibrant and bold colour choices coupled with sharp geometric shapes makes for another striking mural. 

Laneway Mural

Step Ten

Nearly time to rest those weary feet, last step on the trail… Follow Thompson Street to the Botanic Gardens.  The gardens are gorgeously glorious as are the many sculptures and art pieces perfectly placed within the grounds.  Keep your eyes peeled for the very regal statue of King George, a mighty militant canon, and the heritage-listed Thomson Fountain.


Hamilton Botanic Gardens


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