Take the scenic (and sensational) route as you travel from Mount Gambier to Hamilton.  These are our must-stop pitstop suggestions.  From inspirational art to tasty treats to the long-view lookouts, you are in for a mighty adventure on this road trip!


Mickle Lookout, Casterton

Sitting high above the town, Casterton’s Mickle Lookout offers prime photo opportunities with views of the main street and the valley beyond.


Mickle Lookout Casterton

Image credit: iamcasterton via IG


Australian Kelpie Centre and Visitor Information Centre, Casterton

Famously known as the birthplace of the Kelpie, Casterton is home to the Australian Kelpie Centre.  Celebrating all aspects (and paws) of this very Aussie and very hard-working dog, the centre showcases interpretive displays and historical recounts.  You will love learning about man, woman and child’s best mate.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the Visitor Information Centre (located alongside the Kelpie exhibition).  Explore exhibits that cover local geological, Aboriginal and colonial histories.


Casterton Kelpie Centre

Image credit: iamcasterton via IG


Glenelg Fine Confectionary, Coleraine

Stop and step through the double doors of Glenelg Fine Chocolates  and allow the rich (and sweet) aroma to ignite your senses.  Artisans in their field, Glenelg Fine Chocolates passionately handcraft German-style continental chocolates, and they are delicious!


Glenelg Fine Chocolates

Image credit: @karen_campbell_484 via IG


Wannon and Nigretta Falls

Full of wonderment and wow, Greater Hamilton’s fantastical falls are a pitstop must all year round.  Summer offers the chance to wet the feet and explore upstream in the rockpools, while after seasonal rain the Wannon Falls will fill you with wonderment and the powerful overflow of Nigretta Falls will definitely draw a ‘wow’!


Nigretta Falls


Township Tour, Hamilton

Take a self-guided tour of Hamilton.  Making for an extensive and exceptional pitstop, Eat, shop and admire your way around this terrific township. There is something special around every corner; great eats, stunning street art and shops galore. Local walking guides are available from the Hamilton Visitor Information Centre showcasing the history and heritage of the Western Districts iconic buildings.


Pocket Garden

Image credit: thomasm_video via IG


Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum, Hamilton

Touch down at the Sir Reg Ansett Transport Museum and take in the era of the Ansett Empire.  Not only does the museum house fascinating memorabilia and supporting documents but they also have some very cool retro flight attendant uniforms and a formidable Fokker Universal Aircraft.


Ansett Museum

Image credit: visitgreaterhamilton via IG


Campes Motor Museum, Hamilton

Park yourself at the Campes Motor Museum, a treasure-trove of vintage cars and motoring memorabilia, complete with a 1955 Ansett Clipper bus, a sleek 1933 Citroen and a stunning 1929 Stutz! Best to call ahead, but worth the time to plan this visit.


Campes Motor Museum

Image credit: all_aussie_holdens via IG



Drop into Digby, an old timey township and have yourself a well-earned drop at ‘The Digby’, a time-honoured local pub where visitors are always treated to a special new offering, be it a pastry hug from homemade sausage rolls or fresh herbs ready and waiting for their new home at your place!


The Digby

Image credit: Campes Australia Wide via FB


Avenue of Honour, Dartmoor

A drive-through pitstop, the Avenue of Honour at Dartmoor features towering Atlantic Cedar Trees and incredible tree carvings, honouring the service of sixty local men and women in WWI.  This one-of-a-kind avenue of honour will have you stunned, so be sure to stop the car and get up close to these beauties.


Dartmoor Tree Carving

Image credit: Gary Colquhoun via FB