Pop on your hiking boots, pack your snacks, fill up your water bottles and get set to experience the highs of the Grampians Peaks Trail; an epic 164km route that winds up, through and around the spectacular landscape of Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.

Day walks, overnight hikes or the full 13-day experience… Hiking North to South or South to North… Camping stopovers or luxury stays… it’s your own adventure and it’s time to plan it!



A challenging, once-in-a-lifetime experience, the full 13-day/12-night adventure trails over spectacular mountains, past waterfalls, wildflowers and dramatic rock formations.

Begin your adventure at Mt Zero in the north and head south.  Pass over the summit of Gar (Mt Difficult) and then continue through Halls Gap (Budja Budja).  Hiking highlights will include Redman Bluff, Duwul (Mount William), Major Mitchell Plateau, Signal Peak, Mud-Dadjug (Mt Abrupt), Wurgarri (Mt Sturgeon) and more!

Set up camp each night at the 11 unique, purpose-built, hike-in campgrounds, and 1 night in Halls Gap (Budja Budja).  Strategically scattered along the way, the sites are designed and constructed to embrace the stunning scenery with tent platforms, communal huts and amenities.

On the final day, finish your hike in the South at the gorgeous Greater Hamilton town of Dunkeld where there are ample opportunities for you to refresh and revitalize with a multitude of magnificent restaurants, cafes and accommodation options.


Image: @tripinaus – Bugiga Campsite



For the hikers taking to the trail in a South to North direction or for those looking for a little more luxury with their overnighters, adventurers can personally tailor their trek with amazing off-trail accommodation providers.

As you plot your path, visit Greater Hamilton’s superior stay options.  There are so many perfect places to rest and revitalise, so you are ready and raring for your next day of exploration.

Long-term car parking is available at Dunkeld on Wills Street.  Purpose-built for the Grampians Peaks Trail, the car park has unlimited timing. A shuttle bus service to transport hikers back to the North can be booked through Ambush or Grampians Peaks Walking Co.

For a detailed, helpful and inspirational full-experience itinerary, visit Parks Victoria.   Grampians Peaks Trail maps are also available at the Hamilton Visitor Information Centre and Dunkeld Visitor Information Centre.


Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld



Opt to experience the Grampians Peaks Trail in a multi-day format by exploring a defined trail section; North, Central or South.

With all-inclusive, multi-day hiking and camping itineraries, Grampians Peaks Walking Co are experts in guiding expeditions.  All tour guides are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, intent on sharing the incredible cultural history and natural wonder of Gariwerd.  Their planned expeditions range from three to five days and include tented hiker camps or private eco-lodges.  They also offer the full Grampians Peaks Trail experience with their GPT E2E adventure.  And for the independent hikers, Grampians Peaks Walking Co also offers equipment hire, shuttle transport services and water/gear drops.

Stepping you through your adventure, the awesome team at Ambush provides drop off/pick up shuttle bus rides along the Peaks route.  From Mt Zero to Dunkeld, Ambush can help you map out your overnighter(s).

And the extremely hospitable team at Peaks Trail Rest provides guests with a cosy and comfortable stay at their three-bedroom cottage as well as transport to your preferred drop-off and pick-up locations. 


Image: @grampianspeaks



From a 40-minute ramble to a 6-hour hike, the Grampians Peaks Trail offers a range of day walks, allowing visitors to sample sections of the 164km trail.

Signal Peak, Duwul (Mount William), Redman Bluff, Wurgarri (Mount Sturgeon), Gunigalg (Mt Stapylton), Taipan Wall, Chatauqua Peak saddle, Clematis Falls… with each walk graded and approximate walk times given, you can choose your trek based on fitness, experience and time.

Access these breathtaking hikes from various points along the trail, including Greater Hamilton’s devine Dunkeld.  To view the suggested day walks, visit Parks Victoria.


Image: @followmywheel


For local insights and essential information on how to explore the trail, speak to one of our helpful team members at the Hamilton & Grampians Visitor Information Centre.  Call 1800 807 056 or email tourism@visitgreaterhamilton.com.au to connect.

Happy trails!