Tracey Kruger

Tracey Kruger

Featured Photographer

This blog features the photography of Greater Hamilton local, Tracey Kruger. You can discover more of her photography in her books and on social media @ShearinginVictoria’sWesternDistrict, and unearth more of her local secrets in this video.

Throughout our region there are many photographers with a passion for the land. They have an eye for the light that begs to be captured as it traces its way across the iconic Grampians (Gariwerd), for the people in our community and for the native flora and fauna (and not so native livestock) which animate our region.

In the coming months, we will be featuring these photographers and artists who illustrate our region in unique and interesting ways.

Above: Blue skies and freshly shorn sheep frame the woolshed at ‘Langulac’ between Penshurst and Hawkesdale.

Tucked in amongst Greater Hamilton’s sprawling rural landscapes you will find features that might be missed by the unfamiliar eye. Tracey Kruger has taken on the mission of documenting the rural life that Greater Hamilton affords, from the historical woolsheds that allow a glimpse into Western Victoria’s pastoral roots, to the hardworking farmers and shearers of today. Also regularly featured in her photography are the farm animals, which have proven to be a fan favourite amongst those who have purchased her books and follow her on social media.

Here, Tracey shares with us her favourite shots of our region and its historic woolsheds.

Above: Kelpie rounds up the sheep at ‘Batesworth’

Above: ‘Kolor’, Penshurst, features an historic bluestone woolshed.


 Above: The ‘Skene’ woolshed, Strathkellar, certainly stands out with its weathered emerald green roof.

Above: The roustabouts hard at work classing the wool out at ‘Batesworth’.

Above: Roustabouts bring in the sheep ready to be shorn at ‘Batesworth’.

Above: The ‘South Mokanger’ woolshed, situated in Cavendish is a prime example of the traditional use of bluestone, featuring beautiful wide arches as entry points.

Above: Sheep peer into the woolshed at Dunkeld’s ‘Mt. Sturgeon’.


Meet Tracey in her video interview over on our Inspired by Locals page, where she shares more of her photography tips!

Her ever popular books, Shearing in Victoria’s Western District, capturing 160 historic woolsheds, and We Love the Farm, her adorable children’s book, can be found in our Online Shop.

Tracey can be found on Instagram @tracey_kruger and on Facebook @shearinginvictoriaswesterndistrict.