Tarrington is a region rich in German heritage and ripe in grapes.  Only a short drive to Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, Tarrington’s natural landscape, quirky features and produce are not only worth stopping for but also taking an Insta pic of.  Here are our top five things to Instagram in #Tarrington.

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Tarrington is proudly part of the Henty Wine Region; a cool climate wine district renowned for its production of chardonnay, riesling, semillon, sauvignon blanc and pinot noir.  As you drive through, in and around Tarrington your eyes and camera will be captured by the extensive vineyards that flow across the landscape.


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Pierrepoint, Hochkirch, Mount Napier; Tarrington’s leading wine producers.  Although not all of these wineries have cellar doors that can be visited, a bottle of their finest can be easily procured from local provedores who devotedly and proudly stock wines from Tarrington.  Cheers!


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Point your camera towards the heavens at the St Michael Lutheran Church that magnificently dominates the Tarrington skyline.  This red brick beauty was built in 1927 with a Gothic revival style in mind.  As the sun hits the church during the day, this red brick beauty is resplendent.  And as night settles in and the floodlights illuminate the church’s spire, it is positively striking.

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This stop-off requires two things – a spare pair of shoes and a ready camera.  The Tarrington Shoe Tree is an eccentric tradition.  How it came to be?  We do not know.  What we do know for certain is that this shoe tree is a whole lot of fun.  Wrap those laces around an empty branch and then commemorate your contribution with an all-important Insta post.


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During November and December Tarrington’s front yards, paddocks and grassy knolls are besieged with a unique and extremely entertaining art form, hay bale art.  Locals love participating in this artful practise where they take a hay bale, their imagination and skills and embellish away.  From movie characters to Christmas scenes to mythical creatures, there is a hay bale waiting for you to snap a pic with.