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Winter is an enigmatic and captivating season in Greater Hamilton; frosty trees line the streets, sparkling rivers flow through the townships, gushing waterfalls plunge to their pools, warming log fires heat your hands, and rich red wines bring so much joy to your soul.

Relish in the comfort and delight of Greater Hamilton’s wintery wonders.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Waterfalls are always a magnificent sight to behold but when viewed in the depths of winter, when rainfall is high and flow is optimal, they are a jaw-dropping, mighty feat of mother nature.  Greater Hamilton lays claim to a couple of flowing beauties; Nigretta Falls and Wannon Falls.

A superbly created jarrah timber stairway leads you to the base of Nigretta Falls where you can watch the power and force as the water plummets to the plunge pool.  Wannon Falls, on the other hand, is best viewed from the specially designed and created viewing platform.  This stage allows for you to fulsomely take in the 30-metre vertical precipice fall over the hardened basalt lava that forms its border.

Nigretta Falls at night by @ockert_le_rouxvia IG

Image credit @ockert_le_roux via Insta

Wonderful Warmers

Getting lost in the glowing flames and crackling sounds of an open fireplace is a blissful experience, add a glass of red wine to the mix and you have yourself a perfect arrangement.  There are some fine establishments of Greater Hamilton that can bid you this precise luxury.

The renowned Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld understands what it means to experience a true country-style retreat; wine, warmth, setting, food and comfort.  Creating packages that encompass all of these (plus open fireplaces of course), mean The Royal Mail has a total wonderful winter warming encounter waiting for you.

A night, morning or afternoon at The Roxburgh, Hamilton is guaranteed warmth and cheer.  Not only does this celebrated Hamilton institution have itself the repose of an open fireplace but it also has the comfort of house-made pizzas plus decadent hot chocolates, excellent vino selection and an enviable sweets menu.

Wine and fire at Roxburgh House

Image credit @roxburghhouse via Insta

Wonderful William

Breathe in the fresh, crisp air of Winter on Mount William; part of the Grampians Mountain Range and only a half-hour drive from Dunkeld.  Its grand height of 1,168 metres sees it soaring high up into the wintery atmosphere, allowing you sweeping 360-degree views of the icy mountain ranges and open plains.  Viewing platforms situated on the mountain further enhance the outlook and if cold snaps play into your favour, you may very well see some snow!

And with that, waterfalls, warming fires and an ice-capped mountain, you have yourself a wonderful Winter in Greater Hamilton.


Mt William – ? credit @hangingpixels_photo_art (via Insta)